Jakarta | Thu, October 19, 2023

Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita released on Oct. 19 a US $2.2 million contract for the sale of sardine products to Germany from Banyuwangi, one of Indonesia’s biggest sardine exporters.

Pacific Harvest, a seafood processing business based in Banyuwangi’s Muncar area, developed the sardine goods. Along with representatives from the Industry Ministry, Aminoto, the owner of Pacific Harvest, and Sugirah, the deputy regent of Banyuwangi, attended the export release event.

Minister Gumiwang celebrated the triumph in breaking into the German market as proof of Banyuwangi’s superior canned fish products. Germany is renowned throughout Europe for having strict import regulations. The introduction of Banyuwangi sardines into the German market is a testament to the exceptional caliber of Banyuwangi goods, the speaker stated.

Gumiwang pointed out that one market that was difficult for Indonesian export goods, particularly food products, to reach was Germany. The company’s Banyuwangi canning plant maintains strong processing standards, as seen by the successful entry of Pacific Harvest goods.

This indicates that all procedures, including the ones involved in manufacture and canning, met quality criteria. In the future, hopefully, other European nations will do the same,” the minister stated.

Gumiwang also mentioned that Indonesia was among the top 10 exporters of seafood products worldwide and expressed hope that the nation will eventually be among the top five exporters of seafood due to the productivity of Banyuwangi’s fish canning and processing facilities.

“I have conveyed my intention to treble this plant’s existing productivity. Cans for packing and raw materials will be supplied by the government, he said.

Anang Kurniawan, export manager for Pacific Harvest, stated that the 30 containers of canned fish products—12 of which were sardines and 18 of which were tuna—that were to be released to Germany would satisfy a $2.2 million contract.

“Our newest market is Germany. Our main export destinations in the past were nations in Asia and Africa. We export to 75 countries overall,” Anang continued. Eight million dollars’ worth of canned tuna and sardines are exported by Pacific Harvest every month.

“All of the raw materials used to make tuna come from Indonesia. Currently, 70% of sardines are used as raw materials; the remaining 30% are imported. We believe that we can double our production from the current level with the help of the government,” he stated.

The Banyuwangi economy was greatly stimulated by fish exports, according to Deputy Regent Sugirah, who also mentioned that some 5,000 people from Muncar worked at Pacific Harvest’s canning business.

“Sustainable export activities and an expanding market for canned fish products also stimulate the economy of Banyuwangi residents,” he stated. Muncar Port is closely associated with its primary product, Sardinella lemuru, which is extensively harvested by nearby fishermen and subsequently processed into sardine products. Muncar area is renowned for its abundant fishing potential.

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